And it became a reality...


Welcome to the "Barcelona Beatles Weekend" project.

Next July 3rd, there will be 50 years from the arrival to Barcelona of a quartet from Liverpool which revolutionized music, society and culture: The Beatles.

By the hands of the "Beat les Corts" Association this dream is born, one that we expect to become reality: not only to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four performing in Barcelona, but to establish a project that becomes into an annual event on the last weekend of every June, with repercussions over all Barcelona.

In this first occasion all Barcelona Beatles Weekend's music, cultural and ludic activities will take place at the Les Corts district, but the idea is to involve the whole city in the future.

All Beatles' fans and music lovers in general will enjoy a unique weekend, under the "Barcelona" brand name: an annual happening where everybody will enjoy, share, listen and feel the energy and magic coming from the The Beatles music.


Presentation Letter by Toni Cera, BWB 2015's Coordinator


Well, when we dreamed of creating this event, we thought we would find many difficulties along the way to ensure an event that, if it became reality, would be of great proportions. But it turned the opposite, since everyone we told the project about offered us to participate unconditionally.

The beatlemaniac movement around the world does nothing but grow, generation after generation, and is common to see grandparents, children and grandchildren in tribute concerts to The Beatles, all enjoying a universal music that turned the world upside down during the sixties, both musically and socially speaking.

It is to celebrate this historic movement that we have mobilized, and we want Beatle people to enjoy, once and for all, of a great event already held in many cities of the world but which Barcelona had failed to organize so far. It has taken 50 years from the arrival of The Beatles to Barcelona to mark these dates (June 26th, 27th and 28th) in the world's Beatles calendar for everyone to book and travel to Barcelona and see, in this 2015, thirteen of the best tribute groups we have in Catalonia, complementing these performances with many activities of all types and for all ages.

The dream has come true. The Barcelona Beatles Weekend - Les Corts 2015 is here and, best of all, is here to stay.

Toni Cera
BWB 2015's Coordinator




The BWB continues with the expo "The Beatles are coming" that the Badalona Council and the University of Barcelona's Vicerectorate of Institutional Relations and Culture hace organized at the Josep Uclés Room of the El Carme Cultural Centre (Francesc Layret street, 78-82 in Badalona) from July 2nd until November 15th. Entrance is free. Let's enjoy it!


The expo The Beatles in Les Corts was inaugurated on June 4th with great success at the Dictrict's town hall. The display of Beatles memorabilia from renowned collectors will continue until June 28th. We invite you to visit it!


On April 29th, a press conference took place at the Pedralbes Center to anounce the BBW project to the media. Press notes apeared in many Barcelonian media sites.


Reservations for the BWN 2015 gala dinner on June 26th with our special guests Pete Best, Roag Best, Leslie, Santi Carulla and others are already open. Dinner will take place at the Gran Salón of the Avenida Palace Hotel. The established price per person is 42€ which includes dinner, the show and a glass of cava. There is also a kids menu for 25€. Because the number of seats is limited, we have established a rigurous control of reservations by payment order. Please contact us. Let no one that wish to attend miss a seat!


The BWB 2015 was inaugurated at the Pedralbes Centre on June 26th with a press conference and a concert by the tribute group The Flaming Shakers.

Pete Best 1

The original Silver Beatles' drummer, Randolp "Pete" Best, will be the special guest at the Barcelona Beatles Weekend 2015. He started playing occasionaly with The Beatles in 1959 and was part of the group until 1962, when he was replaced by Ringo Starr.

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